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International Crime

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International Crime

Published 1938

Taken from IMDB:
Lamont Cranston, amateur criminologist and detective, with a daily radio program, sponsored by the Daily Classic newspaper, has developed a friendly feud that sometimes passes the friendly stage with Police Commissioner Weston. He complains to his managing editor, Edward Heath, over the problems that have developed in his department since Phoebe Lane has been hired as his assistant. He is advised to forget it since she is the publisher's niece. During his broadcast about Honest John, a famous safe cracker who has served his time, Phoebe gives him a note that the Metropolitan Theatre is to be robbed at eight o'clock and she is so insistent that he adds it as his closing note. Off the air, he learns she got the information from a man she met in a café who had an honest face. Cranston goes to the theatre where Weston and his men have gathered and, of course, nothing happens but, across town, a safe is blown at the home of international banker Gerald Morton and the banker is killed. Cranston arrives there ahead of the police and discovers enough evidence to show him that it wasn't just a simple robbery with the banker accidentally killed. The irate Weston has him jailed as a material witness, but Phoebe comes through with a habeas corpus in time for him to make his broadcast. Honest John crashes into the studio with a gun and demands that Cranston exonerates him over the air from the police suspicion that he committed the robbery. Weston rushes to the studio but Honest John has escaped. Cranston takes Phoebe on a tour of night clubs hoping she will spot the man who gave her the robbery message. She does and Cranston poses as a new arrival from Europe and learns that the man is Flotow and his companion is Starkov. They make a date for lunch the next day. While they are waiting for him to join them for lunch, Cranston breaks into Flathow's apartment where he meets Phoebe who also has had the same idea. A phone call is answered and Morton's butler says there is a meeting at the Morton home that afternoon. Written by Les Adams

Run time 01:03:59
Producer Arthur Alexander
Production Company Grand National Films
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: bobsluckycat - favoritefavoritefavorite - January 29, 2013
Subject: The Shadow Knows???
I approached this film with some reluctance. Rod La Rocque had essayed "The Shadow" the previous year in "The Shadow Strikes", which was a complete disaster. This little film is pretty good.The fact that the superior MPEG-4 picture and great sound not usually found on the archieve made this a real treat.
It's not the Street and Smith "Shadow" from the pulps and it's not the radio "Shadow" either, although the original "Shadow" drawing is featured in the background. This is a light litte mystery with thinly veiled Nazi's, (it's 1938 O.K.)and it plays out very well. La Rocque is quite good and light. Astrid Allwyn, one of the busiest actresses in "B"'s in the 30's,is easy on the eyes and funny in a Jean Arthur sort of way. Very professional supporting cast, including Thomas E. Jackson, William Pawley, and Peter Potter before his success on radio.
Directed with just the right touch by Charles Lamont, who would have great success with Abbott and Costello and others later on.Production values were tops for a "B" and looking back, may have been one cause why Grand National Pictures failed as a studio. You have to cover your negative cost. This may not have done so.
Highly recommended. Enjoy.
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